C . V .

Ecstasy of the Hour. Live participatory performance, sound collage, and video, introduced with workshop written for TimeCamp 002 at Goodyear Arts, Charlotte, NC.
Goodyear Arts Residency.
 Month-long research and development residency  with provisions of a stipend and studio space. Charlotte, NC.
Treefort Fest + Beyond : Tour with C.J. Boyd.

  • Treefort Fest. Boise Contemporary Theater. Boise, ID.
  • Andy's House. LaGrande, OR.
  • The Bayou. Moscow, ID.  
  • Hollow Earth Radio. Seattle, WA.

Selective Listening.
4 analog tape compositions, emulated + arranged live in quad; vocals performed through a pair of walkie talkies, with spoken word selections from Elizabeth Bishop's, 'One Art.' Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, VA.

Farfields Fellowship. 
7 compositions of sound written for locations on site, experienced through an itinerant walk supported through the 3-month-long fellowship. Farfields Farm, Afton, VA.
Infranatural. Live scoring for Leslie Rogers' performative installation, as well as for performances by Katherine Helen Fischer, and Emmy Bright. The Cave, Detroit, MA.

'merikan Merkintile : Month-long performance tour with Leslie Rogers.

  • Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Detroit, MA.
  • Trumbull Plex Collective. Detroit, MA.
  • Mattress Factory. Pittsburgh, PA.  
  • 186 Carpenter—Providence, RI.
  • Over the Eight—Brooklyn, NY.
  • P/H/A/O/N—Brooklyn, NY. 
  • Magic Pictures—Philadelphia, PA.
  • Reverb Collective—Baltimore, MD.
  • Strange Matter—Richmond, VA.
  • Miami Music Club—Miami, FL.
  • Nothing Arts Center—Sarasota, FL.
  • Tiny Town—Tuscon, AZ.
  • DA Center for the Arts—Pomona, CA.
  • Adams & Ollman—Portland, OR.

Woodshedding : Tour Demo. Limited run self-released cassette EP, recorded by Brent Delventhal. 
Carver [ON] Record : Teaching / visiting-artist residency at Chesterfield Community High School culminated in 4-part interactive sound + video installation along with extensive collection of audio-recordings. Grant from Partners in the Arts [University of Richmond]. Richmond, VA.

Poppy II. 48 x 48" painting. Commissioned by Marcus Andersson. Richmond, VA.
Studio Two Three. Artist-in-residency. Richmond, VA.
TEDxRVA. Screening of 37° 32' 15.9066", -77° 25' 33.6". Richmond, VA.
American University. Visiting artist, 3 lectures. Washington, D.C.


Then They Were Jumping. Score for film by Jordan Bruner. Commissioned by Eve Ensler.
Low Frequency Travel Agency. 6 site-specific sound installations. Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, VA. Curated by and created with Benjamin Thorp.
Black Iris Gallery. Artist-in-residency.
10⁻1 100101. 23 illustrations. Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA. Curated by Mary Fleming.
Studio Two Three. Artist-in-residency.
Poppies. Series of 6 watercolor / line drawings. Commissioned by Kate O’Hagan.
GeNDeRS. A/V performance with Michele Seippel. Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA.
Brooklyn Open Studios. Live performance. Brooklyn, NY.
GRTC Street Art Steamrolled Map. Mentor / Consult. Studio Two Three, Richmond, VA. 
Haggle. 6-channel sound installation w/ Brent Delventhal. Anderson Gallery + Black Iris, Richmond, VA. Commissioned by Leslie Rogers. 
Topographic Pockets. Panelist at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, Charlottesville, VA.
American University. Visiting Artist, 3 lectures. Washington, D.C.
Virginia Commonwealth University. Visiting Artist. Richmond, VA.  
Interstitial Spaces : Places of Danger, Places of Victory. Lecture for American Institute of Architects forum, Beer + Design 3 - Get Out of Here. Storefront for Community Design, Richmond, VA.

ISH ISH. 50 illustrations [48 x 48"], self-released analog LP, cassettes released by  Obsolete Media Objects. Opening exhibit at Gallery 5, Richmond, VA.   
Interstitial Transduction. Interactive A/V installation created wtih Dave Watkins. Awarded ‘People’s Choice.‘ InLight. 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA. Curated by Melissa Ho.  
1708 Gallery. Monster Drawing Rally. Skyward. 2 illustrations [48 x 48"]. Richmond, VA. 

Sleeping Moon. Stop-motion animation music video. Commissioned by Wes Swing.
Quirk Gallery. Supersketch. Cameras. 5 illustrations [5 x 5"]. Richmond, VA.
1708 Gallery. Monster Drawing Rally. Bicycles, 3 illustrations [5 x 5"]. Richmond, VA. 
Aux Send. Live video performance + subsequent 5-song EP. 


Helene E. Berman Monograph. Documentary film and book project about artwork of the late artist. Staunton, VA / Bethesda, MD / New York, NY. Commissioned by Laurie Berman.
All of the Afters. Sound recording.


The Forest, the Town, and the Bay. Short film about the ecological and urban environments of Annapolis, MD. Commissioned by FreemanWhite Architects.
Spectrum Studios. UN Series & In Lieu. 10 illustrations & A/V installation. Staunton, VA. Curated by Mary Catherine Richardson + George Peterson. 
The Circles We Dream. Sound recording. 
However It Evolves. Self-published zine of short story, illustrations, and music.


Shared Identity. 50-pg. chapter created with Jarrod West and Nazif Hasanbegovic. Grant from the Trust for Mutual Understanding. Sarajevo and Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Design Philadelphia. Philly Heart Design. Sestina. Visual poem of illustrations. Curated by Alexandra Schmidt-Ullrich. The Rotunda of UPenn, Philadelphia, PA.
Megawords Storefront. Megawords Magazine Pop-up. Umbau Manifesto 50 & Cultural Identity in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Series of 50 poster designs and video installation. Curated by Megawords Magazine. Philadelphia, PA.
Kigali, Rwanda. Proposed hybrid school to Minister of Education, representing Umbau School of Architecture (Staunton, VA) + KAOSPilot (Århus, Denmark). Private endowment. 
The Week Matt Stayed EP. Sound recording. 

Mobile film projection collaboration with students from Washington Alexandria Architectural Center. Washington, DC.

Charrette 5. Self-curated 15-artist invitational with the number five for a theme. One night installation. When We Meet. [5 x 5’ acrylic], As We Made [video installation], Floppied [series of stencils]. Masonic Temple, Staunton, VA.
It’s 5. Sound recording + hand-painted covers. 

Mysterious Ways. 
Sound recording, booklet, poster, and trading cards design with Matt Gauck


2008 UMBAU SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE — Open Studio. Staunton, VA.
2006 JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY — Bachelor of Arts in English. Harrisonburg, VA.