The message rides along the ridge of the medium, which is often streamlined and almost limitless.

Lifestyle + curriculum vitae are not the same.  The best of us is in between the lines.

Share the light; some of your greatest work may live best on someone else's walls.

Never ever underestimate the value of play, improvisation and serendipity.

Boredom is a choice.  Comfort is overrated and engenders complacency.

People are not carpets; behave accordingly confident + compassionate.

Everything changes everything.  Operating from holism is paramount.

Learning is a vital constant only second to sharing knowledge.

Keep close to the ground; it's the best way to find treasure.

Reframe; start birthdays with a gift to someone else.

Wear clothes with pockets, for found treasures.

1. Observation.  2. Analysis.  3. Criticism.

No banter. The work speaks for itself.

Rarely is it the thought that counts.

Be persistent rather than insistent.

Make history, expand the lexicon.

Arrange books by spine color.

Asymmetry can be good.

Reduce the variables.

Don't be an asshole.

Know your people.

Don't be lame.

Define value.

Build style.