Installations + Talks

In response to the theme of Georgical Jubilism, 7 compositions for specific sites on Farfields Farm were developed for an itinerant walk. All of the compositions incorporated field recordings from their corollary location and were written to reflect the days of creation. Virgil's Georgics established the guiding principle of pastoral and agricultural motifs; these were juxtaposed against interpretations of The Jubilee in sounds meant to convey wonder, freedom, and the vastness of the Earth. 

One morning in May, scholars and artists gathered for an hour-long walk with stops for listening to each composition. My work was created over a 3-month period of frequent visits to this magical place, and its residents; I was honored to present the compositions in the first Farfields Conference. You can find the 'Animals' track, written for listening at the farm's wellspring over at the 'SOUNDS' section of my site (as the last piece in the 'ISH ISH' media player). Among other samples, the track incorporates the sounds of bees from the apiary, native birds from the surrounding woods, the rushings spring, the clucking of chickens, and an infant's voice. MAY 2016.

Was a 6-month-long residency at the segregation-era G.W. Carver High School. Students were led through an exploration of issues regarding identity and civil rights via interviews between peers and alumni alike. These oral histories were recorded and presented as sound and video installations representing the voices of Chesterfield County, Virginia. The project engaged participants in thinking about our community's civil rights stories, past and present.

The University of Richmond’s Partners in the Arts granted the project its funding. Through collaboration with students, alumni, teachers, and artists , Carver [On] Record produced a full-school interactive exhibition one night in March 2015.

6 compositions written for 6 specific locations throughout Richmond, VA. The public is invited to check out a suitcase from Black Iris Gallery where they are led on an aural tour of the city. Inside the suitcase is—a map, whose buttons represent tour-stops and trigger the playback of each recording; a single speaker; the geographic coordinates and descriptions of each site; and a logbook for listeners to note their thoughts and experiences—a self-guided adventure. The opening night of this exhibition drew audience members into the gallery from the street through a corridor of field recordings playing back from speakers built of suitcases. They arrived at a desk, where I sat, acting as their travel agent, working with them to schedule their journey. 

This project was the product of a month-long residency at Black Iris and was a deep collaboration between myself and curator // fellow sound artist, Benjamin Thorp. While this concept is something that I had been developing for years, it was only through the further ideation, feedback, and resources of Benjamin, Justin Bailey, Rich Stine, Dave Jackson, and Joshua Franklin that this iteration was made possible. It was also an honor to share the gallery stage with Stephen Vitiello and Molly Berg supporting their release, Between You and the Shapes You Take. DEC 2013

The suitcase is still available for checkout at Black Iris; email benjamin [at] to schedule.

6-channel sound installation a part of Leslie Rogers' final thesis within VCU's Sculpture + Extended Media MFA program (created in collaboration with Brent Delventhal).  The entire soundsystem was contained within the sculpture and ran on a single car battery.  Performers interacted with the sounds by controlling the volume of each channel independently of one another.  Since its debut at Anderson Gallery, the piece has also shown in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and again in Richmond. APR 2013. 

8-channel interactive sound installation created in collaboration with Dave Watkins for the 5th annual occurrence of 1708 Gallery's 'InLight,' awarded People's Choice Award.  This piece was an audience-driven instrument that appeared like a tree with 8 leaves.  When a leaf was tapped, a sound and correlating [stop-motion] animation would occur.  The sounds and animations were euhponic and complimentary and filled the alleyway of the Visual Art Studio with light and music allowing for communal music generation to happen spontaneously.  We also had background source video footage that was emulated via a microphone-led video mix that changed according to the sounds projected in the space.  Additionally, we were emulating the sounds created by the audience via a series of delays and polyphonic octave generators.  NOV 2012. 

Photograph from 1708 Gallery. 

Photograph from RVA News.

Photograph above and video below by Kontra RVA.

This forum was held at the Bridge PAI (Charlottesville, VA) and addressed sound and its physical and cultural affects upon us.  I presented a project in the becoming, with the working title of, Topographic Pockets.  Other artists + scholars included were Wendy Hsu, Victor Szabo, and Ernst Karel.  The brief statement about my portion of talk was as follows :  How do the interstitial spaces within the cityscape frame our perspective of cultural identity and collective memory?  Experienced through maps, soundscapes, illustrations, and rudimentary topographic models, this is an exploration of forsaken space in America.  This is a work-in-progress, so we will listen to the very first of a forthcoming series of ’sites.’  The piece will be a series of field recordings juxtaposed against corollary soundscape compositions all of which will have visual elements to complement the experience of the space. Dialogue about the relevance and impression of the work will be opened after seeing and listening. APR 2013.

When invited to speak at an AIA forum, I wrote a talk entitled, Interstitial Space : Places of Danger, Places of Victory. The preface was a montage of film clips that illustrated alleyway scenes that have a bearing upon our collective perception of transitional and dead space. While I showed a retrospective of own work, the aim was to inspire interest in the forsaken opportunites we engage with, or ignore, on a daily basis. I also gave this talk at St. Catherine's School for a class of burgeoning artists.  FEB 2013

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