Leslie Rogers : Subversion + authenticity perfectly converging to yield a most wonderful human.

Benjamin Thorp : Sound artist + curator + interruptor of irresponsible paradigms. The most rigorous.

Jordan Bruner : Profoundly creative mind. Anthropomorphist. My favorite animator, period.

Barry Bruner : Yep, Jordan's brother. Yep, insanely talented illustrator.

Abbey Lee Sarver : Ingenious. Elusive. Pure magic.

Matt Gauck : Heroic champion of adventure + storytelling + animals + friendship.

William Godwin : Relentless + talented photographer, illustrator, and designer. 

S.E. Curtis : Co-conspirator. Writer of fiction + copy alike. Co-founder of RTTM Zineworks

Dave Watkins : Partner in crime. Pedalmaster + musician + A/V guru + film jockey + connector.

Kaitlin Murphy : Naturalist + soul-friend + illustrator. Lover of ornithology. Collector of treasure.

The Soil & The Sun : If the Earth started a band, it would be this full of genuine love + hope.

Michele Seippel : In GeNDeRS, she makes hydrophonics + sound-affected videography. 

Pat Jarrett : Photojournalist. Motorcycle enthusiast. Co-founder of RTTM Zineworks.

Naoko Wowsugi : Wry-witted photographer + videographer + performer + professor. 

Josh Van Horne : Responsible for creating my favorite mural in Baltimore.  Amazing grooves.

SoftSpot : Mystical combination of lyricysm + post-rock + punk + moments of Kate Bush's spirit. 

William Hereford : Brilliant photographer, whose two wheels I always envy. Discovered alongside... 

Joshua Ballinger : Who's also a great photographer + has a strong blog : HERE [dig deep for Cuba].

Zack Bryant : Fantastic curator of the current world of design, his site is a catalog of inspiration.

Baltimore Annex Theater : Collective productions as well as adaptations of pre-existing works.

Wes Swing : Cellist + songwriter whose work is lyrical, layered and masterfully composed.

Nextlevelism : A favorite blog for mixtapes and intriguing images from Neal Carter.

Aux Send : Doug Stanford's webcast of performances by emerging musicians.