Transdisciplinary practice centering access through sound, language, and the poetics of translation. 


01 The Difference

02 nowisthe
03 Nevermind
04 FutureFluid

05 [Untitled] 6 Cylinders

06 I Hear You, But I Can’t Hear You
07 Transistors in Translation


My work is about our perception of place, as shaped by personal history, the built environment, and sound. Through installations and itinerant walks, I explore expanding time, breaking and remaking meaning, and cultivating ecstatic magic.

I express the confounding nature of my own deafness by transforming space to generate sensations in and around the body. Audible and inaudible tones are manifest as vibrations and translations for hearing and Deaf audiences via interactive sculptures, speaker + screen arrays, videos, and ambient loops.

In order to make the symbols in my work logically accessible, I often print patterned and coded visual companions for these sonic experiences. I am exploring the ways in which refusal of canonical psychogeography, and psychoacoustics might lead to an alt-horizon. I employ lo-fi mechanisms, such as A/V cassette recordings, radio frequencies, Xerox collages, stop-motion animations, and electronic synthesizers. These tactile materials illuminate the terrestrial and electromagnetic phenomena which our bodies sense but cannot readily name.

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H 0 M E  // C V
NELLY KATE 07 — JAN 2022



In preparing for this show, I wanted to pay homage to some of the devices and methods used by artists featured in the parallel film screening, Sisters with Transistors. The performance is comprised of long-form samples that were recorded and arranged using the following:
ARP 2600
• 6 transistor radios
• 20+ music boxes
• Korg Minilogue
• Field recordings
• Stereoscope & Marantz tape decks

Two of the mixes were dubbed to tape and two to captioned videos presented behind me on stage. These are the source sounds presented with live vocals and tape loops. The performance is the blending, affecting, and arranging of these elements into new combinations. This approach lends itself to chance and improvisation, which are core to my work. The audience is invited to come up toward the stage to see the tape loop up close and discover the vibrating pools of water, affected by the music—please mask up.

Music becoming simple as the wind—traveling everywhere. We are listening to each other. Maryanne Amacher

Michelle Flowers, Nicole Driscoll, Jeff Jackson, Doug Davis, Scott Thompson, Brent Delventhal, Doug Jones, Annie Meyer, and my family.