Transdisciplinary practice centering access through sound, language, and the poetics of translation. 


01 The Difference

02 nowisthe
03 Nevermind
04 FutureFluid

05 [Untitled] 6 Cylinders

06 I Hear You, But I Can’t Hear You
07 Transistors in Translation


My work is about perception of place as shaped by the built environment and sound. Intersecting Queer, Deaf, Southern, and Hispanic culture I focus upon cultivating ecosystems of inclusion to make way for public imagination.

I blend responsive technology with lo-fi mechanisms like reel-to-reel tape loops, stop-motion animations, electronic synthesizers, and radio  frequencies. These tactile materials illuminate the terrestrial and electromagnetic phenomena which our bodies sense but cannot readily name.

Through multi-sensory installation I explore expanding time, breaking and remaking meaning, and conjuring ecstatic magic.

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Boston, MA


2021 CRANBROOK ACADEMY OF ART — MFA Print Media. Bloomfield Hills, MI.
2008 UMBAU SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE — Open Studio. Staunton, VA.
2006 JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY — BA English. Harrisonburg, VA.

2024 & BEYOND
Detroit Artist Market. Third Spaces of the Anthropocene. Detroit, MI.

Now + There Accelerator. Cohort 6. Boston, MA.
Catalina Museum for Art & History. Freelance sound + design. Avalon, CA.
MASARY Studios. Operations Assistant. Boston, MA.
Funkiller x Erik Blood—Direction, Tropical Depression. Orlando, FL. 
Pratt Institute. Virtual VA - Conversational UX Design. Remote via NY.
Mass Cultural Council Cultural Sector Recovery Grant. MA.
Opportunity Fund Grant. Boston, MA. 
Boston Center for the Arts. 3-year Studio Residency. Boston, MA.

MASARY Studios. Operations Assistant. Boston, MA. 
Parsons School of Design. Visiting Artist & Workshop. New York, NY.
Love House. DJ for Tenderness by Gregory Beson. New York, NY.
Fort Point Open Studios. Performance. Boston, MA. 
Boston Center for the Arts. 3-year Studio Residency. Boston, MA.
Walkaway House. Tend Residency & Performance. North Adams, MA.
MASARY Studios. Curator, Summer Solstice. Mount Auburn Cemetery; Cambridge, MA. 
Haystack Mountain School of Craft. Open Studio Residency. Deer Isle, ME. 
Ralph Appelbaum Associates. Design Intern. Remote via New York, NY. 
Wedding Cake House. Winter Residency. Providence, RI.
MASARY Studios. Performance for Art School Confidential. Boston, MA. 
Mint Museum. Performance for ‘Sisters with Transistors.’ Charlotte, NC.

Mound. Sound design. Richmond, VA. 
Institute of Contemporary Art. Fabrication + installation. Boston, MA.
Echo Makerspace—Sound Design Workshop. Charlotte, NC.
Stanley x Emmy Bright—Butch Flowers stop-motion animation. St. George, ME. 
Art Mile. Blueprint Residency & RF Curatorial. Detroit, MI.
Cranbrook Art Museum—Graduate Degree Exhibition. Bloomfield Hills, MI.
Carr Center—With All Our Might. The Difference & Cylinder Stools. Detroit, MI.
Forum Gallery—Candles & Mirrors. Collaboration w Doug Jones. Bloomfield Hills, MI. 
Frank Lloyd Wright Smith House—Speculative Histories. Mamah Tried. Bloomfield Hills, MI.
Wayne State University—Time Studio. Artist talk. Detroit, MI.
Forum Gallery—Fools. Print Media Department. Bloomfield Hills, MI
Department Assistant—Visiting Artist & Tech. Cranbrook Academy of Art. Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Image Text Ithaca—Falling Through Maps, Emmy Catedral. Ithaca, NY.
Anderson Ranch—Scholarship recipient. Repeat Pattern, Padma Rajendran. Aspen, CO.
Farm Residency. Laurens, NY.
Popp’s Packing—TipsTalk Exhibit. Hamtramck, MI.
Blueprint Residency. I Hear You, But I Can’t Hear You. Chicago, IL.

International Journal of Arts Education—On the Hex: A Road Map for Experiential Oral Histories. Common Ground Research Networks.
Belk. Production designer. Charlotte, NC.
Farm Residency. Laurens, NY.
University of Richmond. Graduate Education Speaking Series: Finding Strengths through Learning Stories. Richmond, VA.
University of Richmond. Sound Education Workshop with Lonnie Battle, Josh Malerman, Thomas Brownell, and Aijung Kim. Richmond, VA.

Time Camp 002. Anti-Planning and the Ecstasy of the Hour. Workshop + performance. Charlotte, NC.
Goodyear Arts Residency. Charlotte, NC.
Treefort Fest. Tour with C.J. Boyd.
  • Treefort Fest. Boise Contemporary Theater. Boise, ID.
  • Andy's House. LaGrande, OR.
  • The Bayou. Moscow, ID. 
  • Hollow Earth Radio. Seattle, WA.

Black Iris Gallery—Selective Listening. 4 analog tape compositions emulated + arranged live in quad; vocals performed through a pair of walkie talkies, with spoken word selections from Elizabeth Bishop's, 'One Art.' Richmond, VA.
Portland Art Museum. Talk at Museum Next Conference. Portland, OR.
American University of Paris. Sparking New Conversations Workshop. Arts in Society Conference. Paris, France.

Farfields Fellowship. 7-site itinerant sonic walk. 3-month fellowship (funding, room + board). Farfields Farm, Afton, VA.
Infranatural. Live score for Leslie Rogers, Katherine Helen Fischer, and Emmy Bright. The Cave, Detroit, MI.

'merikan Merkintile. Month-long performance tour with Leslie Rogers.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Detroit, MA.
  • Trumbull Plex Collective — Detroit, MA
  • Mattress Factory — Pittsburgh, PA 
  • 186 Carpenter—Providence, RI
  • Over the Eight—Brooklyn, NY
  • P/H/A/O/N—Brooklyn, NY 
  • Magic Pictures—Philadelphia, PA
  • Reverb Collective—Baltimore, MD
  • Strange Matter—Richmond, VA
  • Miami Music Club—Miami, FL
  • Nothing Arts Center—Sarasota, FL
  • Tiny Town—Tuscon, AZ
  • DA Center for the Arts—Pomona, CA
  • Adams & Ollman—Portland, OR

Woodshedding : Self-released cassette, engineered by Brent Delventhal.
Concrete Poem Series : Screenprinted poster series, curated by Derek Beaulieu.
Innovate LIVE Panel. Staunton, VA. 
Chesterfield Community High School—Carver [ON] Record. Teaching artist residency facilitating oral history recordings and 4-part interactive A/V installation. Grant from Partners in the Arts, University of Richmond. Richmond, VA.

Poppy II. 48 x 48" painting. Commissioned by Marcus Andersson. Richmond, VA.
Studio Two Three. Artist-in-residency. Richmond, VA.
Sea Dream. Score w Anduin for dance by Malinda Crump. Richmond, VA. 
VCU. GSEX Digit Al Panelist. Richmond, VA.
TEDx. Screening of 37° 32' 15.9066", -77° 25' 33.6". Richmond, VA.
American University. Visiting artist, 3 lectures. Washington, D.C.

Then They Were Jumping. Score for film by Jordan Bruner. Commissioned by Eve Ensler.
Low Frequency Travel Agency. Solo show. 6-site interactive itinerant sonic walk. Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, VA. Curated by Benjamin Thorp.
Black Iris Gallery. Artist-in-resident.
Quirk Gallery. 10⁻1 100101. 23 illustrations. Richmond, VA. Curated by Mary Fleming.
Studio Two Three. Artist-in-resident.
Poppies. Series of 6 watercolors. Commissioned by Kate O’Hagan.
Good Day RVA. Belle Isle, Richmond, VA.
GeNDeRS. A/V performance with Michele Seippel. Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA.
Brooklyn Open Studios. Live performance. Brooklyn, NY.
GRTC Street Art Steamrolled Map. Consultant. Studio Two Three, Richmond, VA.
Haggle. 6-channel sound installation w/ Brent Delventhal. Anderson Gallery + Black Iris, Richmond, VA. Commissioned by Leslie Rogers.
Topographic Pockets. Panelist at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, Charlottesville, VA.
American University. Visiting Artist, 3 lectures. Washington, D.C.
Virginia Commonwealth University. Visiting Artist. Richmond, VA.
Interstitial Spaces : Places of Danger, Places of Victory. Lecture for American Institute of Architects forum. Storefront for Community Design, Richmond, VA.

ISH ISH. Short run vinyl release, with 50 illustrations [22 x 22"]. Opening exhibit at Gallery 5, Richmond, VA.  
ISH ISH. Cassette release by Obsolete Media Objects.
Interstitial Transduction. Interactive A/V install collaboration with Dave Watkins. Awarded ‘People’s Choice.’ InLight. 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA. Curated by Melissa Ho.  
1708 Gallery. Monster Drawing Rally. Skyward. 2 illustrations [48 x 48"]. Richmond, VA.

Sleeping Moon. Stop-motion animation music video. Commissioned by Wes Swing.
Quirk Gallery. Supersketch. Cameras. 5 illustrations [5 x 5"]. Richmond, VA.
1708 Gallery. Monster Drawing Rally. Bicycles, 3 illustrations [5 x 5"]. Richmond, VA.
Aux Send. Live video performance + EP release.

Helene E. Berman Archive. Commissioned by Laurie Berman. Staunton, VA.
All of the Afters. Sound recording.

The Forest, the Town, and the Bay. Short film. Commissioned by FreemanWhite Architects.
Spectrum Studios. UN Series & In Lieu. 10 illustrations & A/V installation. Staunton, VA. Curated by Mary Catherine Richardson + George Peterson.
The Circles We Dream. Sound recording.
However It Evolves. Self-published zine of story, illustrations, and music.

Shared Identity. 50-pg. report created with Jarrod West and Nazif Hasanbegovic. Grant from the Trust for Mutual Understanding. Sarajevo and Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Design Philadelphia. Philly Heart Design. Sestina. Visual poem of illustrations. Curated by Alexandra Schmidt-Ullrich. The Rotunda of UPenn, Philadelphia, PA.
Megawords Storefront. Umbau Manifesto 50 & Cultural Identity in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Series of 50 poster designs and video installation. Curated by Megawords Magazine. Philadelphia, PA.
Kigali, Rwanda. Proposed hybrid school to Minister of Education, representing Umbau School of Architecture (Staunton, VA) + KAOSPilot (Århus, Denmark). Private endowment.
The Week Matt Stayed EP. Sound recording.

Cross-Pollinated. Mobile film projection collaboration with students from Washington Alexandria Architectural Center. Washington, DC.
Charrette 5. Curator. 15-artists responded to the number five. One night installation. Staunton, VA.
• When We Meet. [5 x 5’ acrylic]
• As We Made [video installation]
• Floppied [series of stencils]. 
It’s 5. Sound recording + hand-painted covers.

Mysterious Ways. Sound recording, booklet, poster, and trading cards design with Matt Gauck.